Send money from Australia to Ecuador – fast!

mHITs Remit is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to send money from Australia to Ecuador. Whether you are sending money to Ecuador for friends, family, charity social or religious reasons, or just to help out, you can trust mHITs Remit to transfer your money from Australia to Ecuador quickly, safely and reliably.

From Guayaquil to Quito and Portoviejo to Cuenca we have all of Ecuador covered

mHITs Remit will get money to anywhere in Ecuador. We transfer money instantly through Efectivo Desde Mi Celular that means you can send money across the whole of Ecuador. Use it to pay bills, buy top-up or just cash out at one of hundreds of Efectivo Desde Mi Celular agents.

Send to Efectivo Desde Mi Celular Mobile Money accounts

The recipient does not need a bank account to receive money. Just use their Efectivo Desde Mi Celular mobile number. It’s so simple! To receive money, the recipients must have a Efectivo Desde Mi Celular account. Click here for more info.

How much can I send?

You can send between $50 and $500 at a time. Some limits apply. See FAQs for more details.

How to send money:

Sending money is really easy! We do everything by SMS. To send money, type an SMS text message with the following information:

Pay <mobile number> <amount>  <message>

Then send your SMS to the mHITs number: 0428 696 448 (0428 MY MHIT)

For an example of what to SMS see How It Works.

Network charges may apply for sending an sms from a mobile phone.

Note - the mobile number of the recipient must be in international format including the country code. The firstname, lastname and address are that of the person receiving the money (beneficiary) and must be included. See the example below for more details.

To watch a simple explanation video click here

iPhone app:

You can also use the free mHITs iPhone app to send money. Click here to download.

Things you should know:

  • mHITs works on all Australian mobile networks and on both pre-paid and account plans.
  • SMS message usage charges may apply for sending an SMS and check with your mobile network provider.
  • You will need to have an mHITs account before you can send money using mHITs.
    Registration is free. Click here to register.
  • In Ecuador the recipient will need to be registered with Efectivo Desde Mi Celular

* The $5 fee is deducted from the total amount you are sending (the send amount) and then converted to the receiving currency at the published exchange rate. A cash-out fee may also apply if funds are withdrawn over-the counter. Check with the receiving m-wallet service for details.